We are please to inform you that we, PIS Group Co.,Ltd, are agency of Bellinzoni from Italy . In present time, marble and granite is very popular to use as decorative, in building, private house, condominium office. Most of problem there are stain or yellow spot after installation with in 2-3 month because of moisture, humidity, pollution in the air this problem can not solve, must to change new pieces of marble or granite also shining is gone. Bellinzoni is product from Italy , establish on 1937 we have a lot of way to avoid all problems such as Strong 2000, Block D-70, to prevent stain of the stone to be installed to the floor or wall provided.

Crystallizer for marble only, results in a spectacularly deep long lasting shine, resists soiling, discoloration and ingress of stains, slip resistance, and harder surface. Our product is water base non-toxic.
Cost of product is not expensive compare with cost of local marble or granite around 20-30 baht per square metre. Only 2 percent of local stone or 0.4 percent of imported stone.

The Stone is Alive…
Do not spoil by using wrong products

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